Do you use a job board on your website ? Or planning to use or develop a job board ? JoobsBox is a powerful open source PHP Job board solution that you can use or build on it. JoobsBox is very flexible and support plugins and themes. The solution came already with five bundled plugins (Logger, iphone, Google Analytics, Twitter, XSSandStuff) and a default theme. JoobsBox is based on Zend Framework and provide a complete administration panel to manage jobs in different categories. There are more interesting features mainly RSS feeds, SEO friendly URLs, multi language support, easy installation, configurable categories order.
JoobsBox is a new project at its alpha stage so if you are interested you can extends its functionalities with plugins for example to support payments and make some profit from your job board. Require PHP 5.2.4+, Zend Framework and MySQL. Released under a New BSD License.