Finding Joy in Code: A Celebration of PHP Jokes and Puns

Programming can be a serious business, but that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun with it. In the world of PHP, developers have found plenty of ways to inject...

Will we still need PHP Developers in the next decade ?

The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and tools in recent years has led many developers and IT professionals to wonder about the future of web application development. With the...

Would you Buy PHP Version 1 as NFT From Rasmus ?

You have probably heard about the first tweet being sold for $250k, or Grimes who sold $6 million worth of digital art as NFTs ? Is the world getting crazy with...
php spx

PHP SPX, Simple and Powerful Profiling eXtension for PHP with Web UI

PHP SPX, Simple Profiling eXtension, is just another profiling extension for PHP, free, open source and bundled with a Web UI. SPX is totally free and confined to your infrastructure, nothing from...

PHP 8.1 Looking For Release manager candidates

Let's all make PHP awesome! To guarantee the continuity of the PHP releases, the PHP team are always looking for new Release Manager candidates. Before 2010 PHP releases have always...
symfony audit logs

Auditor, the Missing Symfony Audit Log Library

Auditor is a PHP library that aims to provide an easy and standardized way to collect Symfony audit logs. The library is architected around two components : Auditing services responsible for...

BookStack, a Wiki with Astonished Features

BookStack is an opinionated wiki system that provides a pleasant and simple out of the box experience. New users to an instance should find the experience intuitive and only basic word-processing...

5 Useful Tools for Web Developers

1- An interesting tool to debug regular expressions online, but also a great library of useful and ready to use regular expressions. You can choose your favorite flavor of regular expression...

PHP 8 New Logo

Vincent Pontier shared on twitter the new logo of PHP8, a courtesy of PHP The logo came in four variants colors, but many comments on twitter finds the logo very...

Phan, Static Analyzer for PHP

Phan is a static analyzer for PHP that prefers to minimize false-positives. Phan attempts to prove incorrectness rather than correctness. It looks for common issues and will verify type compatibility on various...

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