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Centreon, powerful IT and Application monitoring software

Centreon is an open source network, system and application monitoring tool. Centreon is the only AIOps Platform Providing Holistic Visibility to Complex IT Workflows...

MySQL 8.0.26 and 5.7.35 Released

Two new version have just been announced MySQL 8.0.26 and 5.7.35 of the popular open source database management system in conjunction with the 8.0.26...

PeachPie, Do We Really Need a .NET Development Platform for PHP ?

PeachPie is an open source PHP compiler and runtime for .NET and .NET Core. We have covered the project about four years ago when...


The Typo3 Guidebook: A Comprehensive Resource for Developers and Managers

After a long absence, we are excited to share with you the Typo3 Guidebook - the first English-language book about TYPO3 CMS in almost...

Exploring PHP8: A Comprehensive Guide to the Latest Features and Improvements

Discover the latest features and improvements in PHP8 with Larry Garfield's free eBook, available in PDF, epub, or mobi format. Learn about JIT compilation, attributes, named arguments, union types, and more

Symfony Fast Track book Updated for Symfony 5.2

Discover the updated version of the official Symfony book, "The Fast Track," now available in Symfony 5.2. Written by Fabien Potencier, the creator of...

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Introducing the PHP Design Patterns Game Series

Thank You for Your Feedback on the PHP Coding Puzzle and Introducing Our New Series on PHP...


Introducing Pest 2.0: The Next Generation of PHP Testing

The Pest team have just announced the release of Pest 2.0, an advanced PHP testing framework that brings numerous improvements and new features to...