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Centreon, powerful IT and Application monitoring software


Centreon is an open source network, system and application monitoring tool. Centreon is the only AIOps Platform Providing Holistic Visibility to Complex IT Workflows from Cloud to Edge. Best of all, it’s totally free and open source, backed with large community of users, developers and maintainers.

Centreon is powered by PHP, with some TypeScript, javascript, Perl, shell, and Symfony 5.4. The software is bundled with tons of features to monitor the complete IT Infrastructure from Cloud-to-Edge for a clear and comprehensive view. The solution came bundled with CentOS 7 as ISO image, or you can install it as RPM package.


Centreon features

Holistic Visibility

From network to applications and from legacy to state-of-the-art, the breadth and width of Centreon monitoring scope has got you covered. Centreon monitors the 470+ type of components that make modern IT and covers all domains: Cloud, Virtualization, Microservices, Databases, Middleware, Systems, Storage, Security, Network, Hardware, IoT, ITOM services.

A diversity of data collection capabilities

Centreon agentless SNMP active monitoring makes implementation a breeze, but we know the world is diverse: you may use agents if required, we connect to cloud services or to any modern equipment through APIs, we catch SNMP Traps, execute scripts remotely and support a variety of other data collection methods when needed.

Fully compatible Nagios® alternative

Some have invested time and effort in the past to develop Nagios® checks to monitor their bespoke infrastructure and applications. These are fully compatible, providing a seamless upgrade path to the much robust and feature-rich Centreon platform.

Enterprise Plugin-Packs: get started in minutes

Monitoring should be that easy: we packaged everything you need for 1-click setup into a set of 470+ Enterprise Plugin Packs.

Each Plugin Pack includes a complete set of configuration templates and auto-discovery rules, along with some guidance for a smooth execution. Easy-to-download right from the Centreon user interface, we constantly update them, working closely with our user community to benefit from their expert knowledge of all IT technologies intricacies.

Efficient Event Management

Event Management: Centreon comes with a complete event management solution designed to cope with the most demanding production environments, a productivity tool for whoever is involved in first-level support. It is designed to filter alerts and only show those that matter, to only display relevant information, to give quick access to detailed information when required and to act with a single mouse click.

Notifications: Alerts can also be sent to on-duty personnel via SMS or email notifications, or any other communication means. Dedicated connectors integrate with ITSM solutions to easily open an incident ticket directly from the event console.

Mobile Application: Always on the move? Centreon iOS and Android apps bring event management to your mobile device. Download the free application from your favorite app store. Get a unified user experience from desktop to mobile phone, complete with filters and action buttons.

AI-powered Anomaly Detection

Machine-Learning algorithms can detect anomalies that would otherwise go unnoticed.

The Anomaly Detection feature leverages Artificial Intelligence to automatically learn patterns from monitored indicators, and to alert when indicators experience abnormal behaviors, outside their typical pattern. The platform implements a unique Cloud-Augmented architecture that offloads to the Cloud anomaly-detection machine learning algorithms, avoiding computing-intensive operations on the on-premise monitoring servers.

We have previously covered GLIO, which include connector to Centreon. Released under an GPL-2.0 license. More information at https://www.centreon.com/



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