Snipe-IT, powerful open source asset management solution

Snipe-IT is an open source asset management system written in PHP and build on Laravel 5.4. A great solution for IT department and operations to know who has which laptop, when...

Sylius, the First eCommerce framework that grows with your business

Sylius is the first decoupled eCommerce framework based on Symfony and Doctrine. The highest quality of code, strong testing culture, built-in Agile (BDD) workflow and exceptional flexibility make it the best...

Memo24 : Peace of mind with voice reminders

Memo24 is a web-based reminder/notification management system used to set up voice, sms, mms, and email reminders. You can set and manage your reminders from anywhere where you have an internet...

e-Commerce To The Billions of Un-Banked Mobile Phone Owners. How?

What happens when we throw out a lot of today's assumptions around card payments and e-commerce and assume that the merchant shouldn't have to store the data at all? What if...

Dynamic Converter, Multi-Currency e-Commerce Solution

Sponsored Post: Multi-Currency support in e-Commerce websites is very important for those looking to target international sales, and many customers during their shopping used to check external currency converters to know...

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