Visx is a collection of expressive, low-level visualization primitives for React. The goal was to unify their visualization stack across the company and in the process, so they created a new project that brings together the power of D3 with the benefits of React updating the DOM.

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Features of Visx :

  • Keep bundle sizes down. visx is split into multiple packages. Start small and use only what you need.
  • Un-opinionated on purpose. Bring your own state management, animation library, or CSS-in-JS solution. Odds are good your React app already has an opinion on how animation, theming, or styling is done. visx is careful not to add another one and integrates with all of them.
  • Not a charting library. As you start using visualization primitives, you’ll end up building your own charting library that’s optimized for your use case. You’re in control.

And most importantly — it’s just React. If you know React, you can make visualizations. It’s all the same standard APIs and familiar patterns. visx should feel at home in any React codebase.

Released under and MIT license. Official website


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