We have previously announced the strategic decision of Rogue Wave Software, the new owner of Zend, which may lead to the end of Zend Framework as the project leader Matthew Weier O’Phinney is leaving Zend. However it is not the only departure, Zeev Suraski,  Dmitry Stogov, and Enrico Zimuel  are also leaving Zend and the decision have been taken according to Zeev, Co-founder of Zend technologies with Andi Gutmans.

Zeev wrote in his blog post :

“As all of us still care very much both about PHP as well as the Zend Framework ecosystem, one of the options we’re evaluating is finding a new home for these contributions, to keep both our planned contributions to PHP 8 and beyond on track, and the ongoing development of ZF and Zend Expressive thriving.  One of the reasons for this announcement – which is coming well ahead of our actual departure date – is to explore this possibility.”

Their contributions are not only to Zend technologies but also the whole PHP ecosystem, and with this mass departure from the company the future of PHP may be affected especially the Zend Engine and the next coming PHP 8.

Zeev and his team are calling for contribution to support his team and keep their previously scheduled tasks on track. If you work for a company that you believe be interested in supporting such an effort, get in touch with Zeev. Maybe we can find an arrangement to keep all this work up and let the PHP community save the future of the most popular web programming language.


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