Your PHP-based Personal Cloud for less than $30 dollars


I have written on my consultancy blog a DIY post to create your own personal Cloud system for less than $30 bucks. I did not want to share it fully here since it’s not really about PHP, however the interesting part is that the Personal Cloud Server used in this article is powered by PHP and it’s a very robust solution. OwnCloud is PHP-based file hosting solution that provides tons of functionalities very similar to DropBox, but that you can run on your own servers.

The solution is written in PHP, JavaScript, and using the open source WebDab SabreDav for remote access. There are clients for most operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac in addition to mobile apps for your Android or iOS. So you can easily synchronize your own data from mobile or desktop to your personal storage, then you can share, collaborate, or access your data from everywhere !

Personal cloud is not the only application of PHP for embedded systems, you can also create your own router with PHP, or your own personal home automation system… The possibilities are unlimited, all you need is a low power board such as RaspBerry pi, any A10, A20 based board, Arduino … etc, some free time and lots of imagination.

More information :

OwnCloud Github repository official website