You will be surprised if you notice the number of School Management systems available today over the internet, and more specifically written in PHP. You will be not only surprised by the number, but also by the maturity and the quality these solutions. Which will lead to a difficult decision about the right solution for your school… Lots of memories you may say, but also lots of good business over there.

Today, we have looked at most important PHP-based School Management Systems available, and if you know others feel free to share them in comments.

Open School : Enterprise School Management System.

Built on top of Yii Framework, OpenSchool come with two editions : Community which include 5 basic modules, and Commercial which is more complete including 21 modules. Overall OpenSchool seems to have all the features that a school may need,  intuitive user interfaces, however there is no dashboard. On login all users are redirected to the mailbox !


It’s kindof easy to create and customize CRUD with Yii, but it’s not that hard to add functionality that interconnect all available features for logged-in user.

Demo :

OpenSIS : Open Source Student Information System

Written in PHP and MySQL, OpenSIS is one of the Open Source apps that are transforming the education, with lots of successful case studies and many interesting features. The basic community edition come with all the necessary functionalities to run a school : demographics, grade book, progress report, report card, transcript, parent portal, attendance …etc.


Commercial edition provide additional features such as billing, discipline, library, state reporting, admissions, efforts grade… in addition to the integration with Moodle, SugarCRM, LDAP and many others. Notice that we are talking about applications built in PHP so integration is not usually an issue.

OpenSIS interface does not look very impressive compared to OpenSchool but when you look in functionalities it looks more mature and more interesting.

Demo :

OpenEMIS : generic and Open Source Education Management Information System.

OpenEMIS looks more advanced solution not only for schools but also for nations ! Powered by PHP, the initiative OpenEMIS was conceived and developed by UNESCO and is supported jointly through a technical collaboration with Community Systems Foundation (CSF). It is part of UNESCO’s response to Member Country needs in the area of tools for strategic planning.


A really huge set of royalty-free tools available for use by any country member of the UNESCO. The School management component is just a small part of the OpenEMIS initiative, which include also components for classroom mobile app, dashboard, insight, refugees, survey, visualizer and the windows desktop app.

The school app provide the basic functionalities such as events, classes, students, education structure, finance, assessments, …etc. OpenEMIS School app is also written in PHP and powered by CakePHP Framework.

Demo :

Web-School : Web-Based school management Software

Web-School is another school management system software which aims to make administrative works of educational institutions easier. The solution is only commercial and available as SAAS starting from $300 US dollars yearly.


The solution came with all the features that we talked about and more such as Batch and course, student admission, attendance management, HR, Time table management, Finance, Exams, Leave management, … etc. Just one detail we noticed in the demo English language is set by default and there is no option to change it compared to all other solutions, so not sure if the solution support translation and if it did, which languages are available.

Demo :


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