Hey, do you know that there is a Frameworkless Movement ? It is a community-driven movement that promotes the development of web applications without the use of a traditional web framework. It advocates for a simpler and more lightweight approach to building web applications, without sacrificing functionality or scalability.

The Frameworkless Movement is a community of developers who advocate for developing applications without using frameworks, not because they hate frameworks, but because they perceive the misuse of frameworks as a lack of knowledge regarding technical debt and the availability of alternatives given by the vanilla language or by dedicated libraries.

The group believes that every time a team uses a framework, it takes a risk that the tool may not provide any value after some time and can represent a major roadblock to change. The movement emphasizes that non-functional requirements like deadline, lifespan, budget, usability, future business scenarios, and domain-specific constraints should be the primary decision drivers for the architectural choices as well as for the implementation roadmap.

The Frameworkless Movement believes that frameworks are powerful tools that can help anyone learn how to code. However, the movement emphasizes that developers should understand how frameworks work, including their strengths and constraints, to make the right choice of a framework. Frameworkless means that the technological decision-making should be given the right importance, and the choice to develop a project or a single feature without dependence on a framework is a real possibility.

The entire context where the software will be developed and used, including the developers’ skills, should be taken into account when deciding whether or not to use a framework. Finally, Frameworkless means that developers should not assume that writing software is a responsibility that can be delegated elsewhere and depend on other software (a library, for example) to solve a specific problem.

The Frameworkless Movement’s manifesto is published on their GitHub repository and is open to modifications resulting from community conversations. The movement encourages sharing the manifesto and adding resources to their awesome list. The group emphasizes that every technical decision, including the choice of a framework, should be made considering every aspect of the context the software “lives” in, and therefore, everyone who works on the project, including non-developers, should be involved in the discussion.

What do you think, Is using a framework a sign of laziness or a smart development choice?

More information about the Frameworkless Movement at https://www.frameworklessmovement.org/


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