Laravel, The Framework For Web Artisans

Laravel is a PHP framework created in 2011, committed to elegance and simplicity. One of the best features of Laravel is its great documentation and community. Laravel is for all PHP programmers,...

Ext4Yii Framework 0.7 Released

The Ext4Yii Framework is a professional PHP Yii extension which provides server-side ExtJS functionality. It is a template parsing system, capable of rendering embedded XML templates into ExtJS JavaScript components. Among...

WebMesh Framework 0.13 and WebMesh Newsletter Case Study released

Just released today: WebMesh Framework 0.13 and WebMesh Newsletter case study. WebMesh Framework is strongly based on PHP5 and proposes a standard structure for PHP projects with intention of Force a better...

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Get Started with Laravel Volt: A Free Full Stack Laravel App...

Laravel Volt is an admin dashboard template that offers a comprehensive design and development toolbox for personal and commercial projects. It comes with handcrafted...