Just released today: WebMesh Framework 0.13 and WebMesh Newsletter case study. WebMesh Framework is strongly based on PHP5 and proposes a standard structure for PHP projects with intention of

  • Force a better organization of the your project classes.
  • Encourage the use of the PHP version 5.
  • Increase the code reuse level

WebMesh framework new features :

  • Several abstractions to make developer’s life easier including : HTTP Encapsulation, emails, collections, image manipulating, I/O facilities, socket encapsulation, UI components and more.
  • Implementation of the pattern MVC (Model2) where:
    • Model layer can uses persistence package with the dataobject sub package or adaptations for another frameworks
    • View layer using Smarty template framework or another framework that you to prefer to integrate in this layer and
    • Controller layer using Action classes centralized in one FrontController and some features such as ActionMessages and actions implemented based in the CRUD operations (Apache Struts 1.3.x like)
  • Support for i18n using properties files.
  • Configured using properties files.
  • Provides a persistence API extending the DB_DataObject library of the PEAR repository. Offer persist data in Relational Databases or in a XML files.
  • Integration with Smarty (used in MVC implementation), Log4PHP, PEAR and J4avaScript libraries and components.
  • Provides WebMesh Newsletter that implements a simple newsletter sender application based in the latest version of the WebMesh Framework (0.13) and serve to understand better how to use this framework.

More information and download at https://sourceforge.net/projects/webmesh/ , released under a GPL v2 License.

Update : Webmesh is no longer maintained, the latest release from 2013 !