The PHP development team have just released the latest version of PHP 8.2.4, a bugfix release aimed at improving the stability and performance of the language. This release is primarily intended to fix bugs and issues discovered in the previous version of PHP 8.2, making it a crucial update for PHP developers.

The PHP 8.2.4 release includes several valuable improvements, including fixes to core, curl, date, ffi, fiber, fpm, gmp, intl, json, mbstring, opcache, openssl, pdo_oci, phpdbg, pgsql, phar, random, reflection, session, standard, streams, tidy, and zlib. The changes in this release are documented in the official changelog, available on the PHP website.

One of the most significant changes in this release is a fix for a bug that caused a fatal error or crash when entering the shutdown sequence with a fiber suspended in a generator. The release also includes a fix for a bug that caused a segfault/assertion when using fibers in a shutdown function after bailout.

In addition to these improvements, the release includes a fix for a bug that caused file corruption when using copy() on CIFS mounts, and a fix for a memory leak issue when attempting to open a non-existing file or a file over 4GB in Tidy.

The PHP development team encourages all PHP 8.2 users to upgrade to this version to take advantage of the latest improvements and bug fixes. Source downloads of PHP 8.2.4 are available on the official PHP website, while Windows binaries can be found on the PHP for Windows site This release is an essential update for PHP developers, providing several valuable improvements that enhance the stability and performance of the language.


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