PHPStan, the popular open-source static analysis tool for PHP, has just released version 1.10.7, featuring several improvements and fixes designed to enhance the developer experience.


The new release includes an important improvement for backed enums, adding dynamic return type extension for the from() and tryFrom() methods (phpstan/phpstan-src@edcaaba). This enhancement provides better support for developers working with backed enums in their PHP applications, ensuring type safety and improved code quality.

Function Signature Fixes

PHPStan 1.10.7 addresses a function signature issue with the XMLReader::XML return type (phpstan/phpstan-src@195cb7b). This fix improves the reliability of PHPStan’s static analysis, ensuring that the correct return type is identified when working with the XMLReader class.


The compiled PHAR for PHPStan 1.10.7 is committed and signed by @phpstan-bot (phpstan/phpstan-src@e73523d). This update ensures the integrity and security of the new release, allowing developers to trust the authenticity of the latest version.

For more information about PHPStan 1.10.7, visit the official release page at