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Two versions of the Sulu content management platform, Sulu 2.1.8 and Sulu 2.2.4 have just been released.

Both releases contain several bugfixes and improvements. Additionally, the releases include preparations for future bundle releases like the AutomationBundle and the RedirectBundle. Furthermore, the Sulu CMS team are eagerly working on  compatibility with PHP 8.0.

Sulu CMS
Sulu CMS

Changes in the Sulu CMS 2.1.8

The most important bugfixes are listed below. Underlying those changes are many small improvements for a better developer and user experience, and compatibility with PHP 8.0.

  • The schema validation in blocks with mandatory fields didn’t work as expected. The issue was reported by Jordy Groote. Thank you for that.
  • There was an annoying bug with the dropdown menus of the CKEditor. The menu could be obscured beneath other field types. Thanks to Cirykpopeye for reporting this bug.
  • Unpublished pages were not correctly shown in the teaser selection of the admin interface. The behavior was fixed to be consistent with the smart content and the page selection.
  • Some unnecessary requests to the backend could occur when a block with a list overlay selection was changed. This was fixed, so that only the required requests are sent. Thank you Rflorent for reporting this bug.
  • Improvements to the configuration of blocked media types have been added.
  • User interface refinements for better readability on disabled fields were implemented.
  • Another annoying bug was an occasional change of the scroll position on tab change. This has been fixed—thanks a lot to Smanhoff and Sanderquirynen for reporting.
  • The generated URLs from the FormatManager for filenames containing multiple dots were wrong. Thank you binarious for reporting and fixing the bug.
  • A feature has been added to render badges in the tab bar. This feature was necessary for the release of the AutomationBundle. In the AutomationBundle, the planned tasks are visible through the badge on the automation tab. A glimpse of the new tab badge can be seen in the screenshot below.

Changes in the Sulu CMS 2.2.4

In addition to all changes of the 2.1.8 release, the 2.2.4 release contains the following improvements:

  • In Sulu 2.2 we introduced segments for pages. Unfortunately, we forgot to implement a fallback if the excerpt tab was overridden in a project. Overridden excerpt tabs don’t have the segments field and thus an exception is thrown. This has been fixed. Thank you Quehnie for the bug report.
  • The additional feature for this release is the UploadToolbarAction. This action is required for the next RedirectBundle release. The action allows you to add custom actions for uploading files. In the RedirectBundle this is used to upload a CSV file and import the redirects from the file.

Upgrading your installation

You are encouraged to have a look at the Upgrading Sulu 2.x documentation when upgrading your project. The documentation provides a step-by-step guide to upgrading Sulu in your projects.

Sulu CMS is an open source CMS written in PHP, powered by Symfony framework and released under MIT license. More information at


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