ClockWork, PHP Dev Tools in your Browser


Clockwork is a new development tool for PHP available right in your browser. It gives you an insight into your application runtime, including request data, performance metrics, log entries, database queries, cache queries, redis commands, dispatched events, queued jobs, rendered views and more – for HTTP requests, commands, queue jobs and tests.

The solution provides server side and client side component that “works” on Chrome, Firefox or Safari. To try it out install the Clockwork server-side component via Composer to collect all the metrics. It includes a first-class Laravel and Lumen support, easy integration with vanilla or custom apps and limited support for Symfony and Slim framework.

The Chrome or Firefox extension is needed to view and interact with the collected data.You can also use a web interface included with the server-side component available at Some of the features provided by Clockwork include :


The timeline gives you a visual representation of your application runtime. All data collected by Clockwork is shown on the timeline, searchable and filterable by it’s kind. You can also collect your own events.


og any kind of data from a simple string to a complex object via the clock() helper. Objects and arrays are shown as an interactive tree structure, each message also includes a stack trace. Messages from your standard app log will also be shown.

Database queries

Get an insight into what is your app doing with all kinds of collected data, all searchable with stack traces. Toggle each feature in the config file and set a number of advanced options, like marking of slow or duplicate database queries.

User data & extensibility

Add your own tabs, like a cart tab showing cart contents in an e-commerce app. Extend Clockwork with new data sources, framework integrations or use the Clockwork REST api and metadata format in your own tools.

Xdebug profiler

Get even more detailed performance metrics with our full-featured Xdebug profile viewer. After a simple setup, you can toggle collecting profiles right from the Clockwork app.

Symfony support

While Clockwork server-side focuses on Laravel, we also include a limited Symfony support. This integration uses the built-in Symfony profiler, this means we can only display the same information as the Symfony Web Profiler.

Commands, queue jobs & tests

Clockwork now supports multiple request types besides HTTP requests – commands, queue jobs and tests. All features are supported, take a look at what database queries were run by your queue job or find out why is your unit test failing, making TDD much easier.

Released under an MIT license. More information at