Creeper is a new generation of multi-process asynchronous event-driven spider engine based on Workerman. A new engine designed mainly to focus on efficient agile development, and make the crawling job becomes more easy, and in the same time solve the performance and extension problems of traditional PHP crawler frameworks.

Some of the features of PHP Creeper :

  • Inherit all features from workerman.
  • Free to customize various plugins and callback.
  • Free to customize the third-party middleware.
  • Support for netflow traffic limitaion.
  • Support for distributed deployment.
  • Support for separated deployment.
  • Support for socket programming.
  • Support multi-language environment.
  • Use PHPQuery as the elegant content extractor.
  • Support for agile development with PHPCreeper-Application
  • With high performance and strong scalability.

Released under an Apache 2 license. More information at


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