Jisly, Simple PHP Lightweight NoSQL Database Library

Jisly is a PHP lightweight NoSQL database library, flat file JSON that allow you to quickly start your project with the possibility of memory and flat filestorage using a NoSQL (document...

Ubiquity, Powerful and Fast PHP Framework for Efficient Design

Ubiquity is a powerful and fast PHP framework, which is quiet about two years old but already getting some attention from the PHP community with 469 stars. The project come with...
laravel wink

Laravel Wink, Integrate a Medium Like Publishing Solution in your Laravel Application

If you are looking for a ready to use publishing solution for your Laravel based application, you should certainly have a look at Laravel Wink ! Whatever you need a blog,...

Video Platforms Parser PHP Library

If you are building the next Netflix or just integrating your application with video providers, you will probably need video information from most common video platforms such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Facebook,...

Doctrine ORM 2.7.4 released

Doctrine ORM just released version 2.7.4 with few bug fixes including: psalm fixes Infer return type information with Psalter Fix QueryBuilder::getParameter() on parameter names with colons Fix OrderByItem parser to proceed with SimpleArithmetic expression before...

Monolog 3.6.0 Released

Monolog Bundle, the Monolog library integration bundle for Symfony framework, just released version 3.6.0 with new added support for Symfony Mailer and support for setting log levels from parameters or environment...

Google Ads API Client Library for PHP

Google Ads, Formerly known as Adwords, is the Google's advertising platform. You are already familiar with Google Ads if you use it before, or heard about it, but you should also...
mixerapi logo

MixerAPI, Streamline API Development for CakePHP

MixerAPI is an alpha project that provides streamline development of modern RESTful APIs for your teams CakePHP project. Designed around a component-based architecture, MixerAPI enables developers to pick and choose the...

Top Five PHP Libraries to Boost Code Quality

Day by day you will get more and more familiar with PHP coding standards and your code quality will be perfect by default... And if that day is not happening yet,...

PHP Map, jQuery like Array Handling Library

PHP Map is an easy to use and elegant handling library for PHP arrays with an array-like map object as offered by jQuery and Laravel Collections. The latest 1.8.0 just released...

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