Just in time for the gift-giving season – as mentioned christopher in his blog – annoucing the December edition of the Underground PHP & Oracle Manual. We have announced the previous edition 1.4 of the manual back in may 2007. The current edition is written by Christopher Jones and Alison Holloway, it include 290 pages and 16 chapters and is 50% bigger than the previous edition – unfortunately we don’t have the previous edition at this time to compare, but what we can say is that it’s a great eBook that you should get for anyone working with PHP and Oracle.


The manual still aims to bridge the gap between the multitude of PHP books and Oracle books on the market. It is still a “braindump” and in no way replaces any of the other PHP-Oracle books in the marketplace. They all cover different aspects of development with PHP and Oracle, and I encourage you to also consider them for your bookshelf.

Download Underground PHP and Oracle Manual [PDF]