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Discover the updated version of the official Symfony book, “The Fast Track,” now available in Symfony 5.2. Written by Fabien Potencier, the creator of Symfony, this practical guide lays out a pragmatic approach to developing web applications with Symfony 5, from scratch to production. It’s available in 14 languages and offers a definitive introduction to modern Symfony applications.

The book’s update helped discover bugs in the Symfony framework before its release. All the code has been moved to PHP8, and PHP 8 native annotations have been adopted whenever possible, with the aim of getting rid of annotations in PHPDocs for Symfony 5.3.

The book takes a practical approach to building Symfony applications, with step-by-step guidance on everything from project setup to deployment. Readers will learn how to use Symfony to build modern web applications, including how to work with templates, forms, security, and database interactions.

In this edition, the book uses PostgreSQL for everything, with a couple of chapters at the end dedicated to showing how to use RabbitMQ and Redis. Major third-party bundles like EasyAdmin 3 and Panther 1.0 have been updated or rewritten accordingly.

The book also includes a section on using Xdebug for step debugging, making it easier to debug your code than using a bunch of print_r() and exit() calls. Whether you are new to Symfony or an experienced developer, Symfony Fast Track provides the tools and knowledge you need to build robust, scalable web applications.

Get your copy of Symfony 5: The Fast Track book now, available for purchase or free online reading in English on Translation work will begin soon and should be faster and easier than the first version, as translators only have to translate new or changed paragraphs.

Get Symfony Fast track book now

You can buy a copy of the Symfony 5 : The fast track book, or read it for free online as the English version is already published on Translation work will begin soon. As translators will “only” have to translate new paragraphs or paragraphs that changed, it should be a bit easier and faster than the first version.