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This category covers cloud platforms and services, DevOps methodologies and tools, CI/CD, and containerization. Readers can learn how to deploy and manage web applications in the cloud using DevOps practices.

Dynamic Converter, Multi-Currency e-Commerce Solution

Sponsored Post: Multi-Currency support in e-Commerce websites is very important for those looking to target international sales, and many customers during their shopping used to check external currency converters to know...
Custom runtimes for AWS Lambda

PHP Layer For AWS Lambda Announced

Amazon AWS announced new features in the AWS Lambda such as the custom runtimes, which will let you bring basically any language to the platform. Lambda was launched in 2015, the...

Invoice Ninja, Enterprise Invoices, Expenses and Tasks built with Laravel and Flutter

Today there are tons of solutions to get your business online up and running, your invoices, expenses, tasks etc. Invoice Ninja is not just one of them, but one of...

DevSense Violates MIT License in the PHP Tools for VS Code

One of the very popular extension for Visual Studio Code is the PHP Debug Adapter written by Felix Becker. The extension will simply provides debug support for PHP with XDebug. The story is...

Tabula, online PDF to CSV conversion

One of the problems that many Open Government Data projects faces is the availability of tons of old documents in PDF format, which is not open and reusable format. Yesterday, Mozilla...
swoole mascot

Swoole PHP 4.6.3 Released with Multiple New Features and Enhancement

Swoole PHP v4.6.3 have just been released with multiple new features and enhancement today including set Content-Length header, compression_min_length and more... Namespace alias functions are added for go and defer Two new...

Dolibarr, Open Source ERP/CRM Solution

Dolibarr is an ERP/CRM solution for small and medium companies or independent and foundations interested to manage their work more efficiently. Its most interesting features are the ease of install, use,...
Roadrunner PHP

RoadRunner PHP Emerging Application Server written in Golang

RoadRunner PHP is an emerging application server, written in Golang. The software is configured that Go's HTTP handler precedes HTTP request, and the load balancer / process manager allocates the request...

Laravel 8.0 Released

Laravel 8.0 has been officially released! The new 8.0 release continues the improvements made in Laravel 7.x by introducing Laravel Jetstream, model factory classes, migration squashing, job batching, improved rate limiting, queue...

How Green is Your Cloud Business : The Cloud Jewels

Cloud providers generally do not disclose to customers how much energy their services consume, the reason why Etsy team created a conversion factors called Cloud Jewels to help estimating energy used...

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