Report : 61.5% of Websites still uses PHP5

Two months only remaining for PHP5 to get security releases before its official end of life. The version 5 of PHP is powering the web since 2014, however it is no...

Build a secure login with Zend Framework

Enrico Zimuel, Zend consultant in Italy, wrote an interesting article on how to create a secure login with Zend Framework. The sample application uses Zend_Form, Zend_Auth_Adapter_DbTable, Zend_Session, Zend_Config and Zend_Db_Table. The...

Snuffleupagus, Experimental Security module for php7

Snuffleupagus is a PHP7 module designed to drastically raise the cost of attacks against websites. This is achieved by killing entire bug classes and providing a powerful virtual-patching system, allowing the...

Webinar : Securing Your Infrastructure Before, During and After Deployment

Synk is organizing a webinar on October 14, 2020 3:00 pm CET titled securing your infrastructure before, during and after deployment. There will be three speakers from respectively Synk, Pulumi, and...

Top PHP Security and Malware Scanners

Hope you will are not coming to this page the day you are hit by a malware ! Because the day you discover that your server is compromised by a malware...

Webinar : Protecting Web Apps with Secure Components

GlobalPlatform is hosting a free webinar to outline the privacy and security benefits that secure elements bring for the protection of web apps. This webinar will offer insight into its new...
composer securtity harderning

Composer security Harderning

Composer is a dependency manager for PHP, and is the de facto one. It is a great software developed by brilliant people, and Composer security have the necessary precautions in place to prevent...

Infection PHP 0.6.2 Released

Infection PHP is an AST based (Abstract Syntax Tree) PHP Mutation Testing Framework. From the documentation "Mutation Testing is a fault-based testing technique which provides a testing criterion called the Mutation...

Anthony Ferrara: Preventing CSRF Attacks

Anthony Ferrara wrote on his blog few steps to prevent CSRF attacks, also as a follow-up to a discussion previously started on this blog and on twitter also. First he defined...

PHP: The “Right” Way Free eBook

We continue this week's security series with a free eBook titled PHP : The "Right" Way, which claims to be your guide to PHP best practices, coding standards, and authoritative tutorials....

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