Report : 61.5% of Websites still uses PHP5

Two months only remaining for PHP5 to get security releases before its official end of life. The version 5 of PHP is powering the web since 2014, however it is no...

SourceGuardian 12 Released With Full PHP 8 Support

SourceGuardian 12 have just been released with full support of all the new PHP 8 language features. The new version now supports PHP 8 encoding, in addition to named parameters, attributes, union...

Ciphersweet, Fast searchable field-level encryption for PHP projects

CipherSweet is a backend library developed by Paragon Initiative Enterprises for implementing searchable field-level encryption. The library come to answer the question "How do we securely encrypt database fields but still use these fields in...

Webinar : Protecting Web Apps with Secure Components

GlobalPlatform is hosting a free webinar to outline the privacy and security benefits that secure elements bring for the protection of web apps. This webinar will offer insight into its new...

PHP Security Advent Calendar 2018

RipsTech launched for the third year in a row the PHP security Advent Calendar 2018, and this year will be analyzed security bugs in the most widespread WordPress plugins. The first two...

Infection PHP 0.6.2 Released

Infection PHP is an AST based (Abstract Syntax Tree) PHP Mutation Testing Framework. From the documentation "Mutation Testing is a fault-based testing technique which provides a testing criterion called the Mutation...

Thanks to a PHP zero-day exploit, 6500 Sites erased from the Dark Web

Last week, one of the most popular Dark Web hosting services - Daniel’s Hosting - was attacked using a PHP zero-day exploit. The result : the server's root account was also deleted,...

Top PHP Security and Malware Scanners

Hope you will are not coming to this page the day you are hit by a malware ! Because the day you discover that your server is compromised by a malware...

SensioLabs Security Checker Version 5 recommended

If you are using SensioLabs Security Checker, then make sure you are using only the version number five, recommended Fabien Potencier. The SensioLabs Security Checker is a command line tool that checks...

Apache : Why you should disable .htaccess

Sincerely, I can't agree with James Hayden that the $500 millions website failed due to an Apache misconfiguration, because a half billion website should not exist at all ! But totally...

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