codeigniter 4.1.3

CodeIgniter 4.1.3 have just been released with few enhancements, bugfixes and changes. Enhancements added in this release include :

  • New functions in the File Helper: directory_mirror() and same_file()
  • Implemented NexusPHP’s Tachycardia for slow test identification
  • Added a new $ttl option to Cache config for future use
codeigniter 4.1.3

Changes added :

  • Added MySQL 8.0 to the test matrix
  • Improved environment detection from $_SERVER
  • Numerous sweeping code improvements via Rector and analysis

Bugfuxes include :

  • Fixed a bug where CURLRequest would try to use a project URI instead of its base
  • Fixed a bug where CLI mode was not detected under cgi-fcgi
  • Fixed a logic bug in Cookie construction
  • Fixed numerous issues in SQLite3’s Forge class related to an incorrect attribute name

CodeIgniter 4.1.3

Overall 47 changes have been added to this release for details you can check the changelog :


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