new php 8.0.3

The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 8.0.9 and 7.4.22. These are all bug fix releases.

All PHP 8.0 and 7.4 users are encouraged to upgrade to respective version.

PHP 8.0.9

Changes in PHP 8.0.9

Changes in PHP 8.0.9 includes :

  • Core:
    • Fixed bug #81145 (copy() and stream_copy_to_stream() fail for +4GB files).
    • Fixed bug #81163 (incorrect handling of indirect vars in __sleep).
    • Fixed bug #81159 (Object to int warning when using an object as a string offset).
    • Fixed bug #80728 (PHP built-in web server resets timeout when it can kill the process).
    • Fixed bug #73630 (Built-in Weberver – overwrite $_SERVER[‘request_uri’]).
    • Fixed bug #80173 (Using return value of zend_assign_to_variable() is not safe).
    • Fixed bug #73226 (–r[fcez] always return zero exit code).
  • Intl:
    • Fixed bug #72809 (Locale::lookup() wrong result with canonicalize option).
    • Fixed bug #68471 (IntlDateFormatter fails for “GMT+00:00” timezone).
    • Fixed bug #74264 (grapheme_strrpos() broken for negative offsets).
  • OpenSSL:
    • Fixed bug #52093 (openssl_csr_sign truncates $serial).
  • PCRE:
    • Fixed bug #81101 (PCRE2 10.37 shows unexpected result).
    • Fixed bug #81243 (Too much memory is allocated for preg_replace()).
  • Reflection:
    • Fixed bug #81208 (Segmentation fault while create newInstance from attribute).
  • Standard:
    • Fixed bug #81223 (flock() only locks first byte of file).

For source downloads of PHP 8.0.9 and 7.4.22 please visit our downloads page, Windows source and binaries can be found on The list of changes is recorded in the 8.0.9 ChangeLog, and 7.4.22 ChangeLog.