Today’s eBook is the WordPress Plugin Development Cookbook – second edition – written by Yannick Lefebvre and published by PacktPub in July 2017. The book will teach you how to create plugins for WordPress 4.x, to deliver custom projects or share with the community through detailed step-by-step recipes and code examples.

You’ll start by using the basic mechanisms provided in WordPress to create plugins and execute custom user code. You will then see how to design administration panels, enhance the post editor with custom fields, store custom data, and modify site behavior based on the value of custom fields. You’ll safely incorporate dynamic elements on web pages using scripting languages, and build new widgets that users will be able to add to WordPress sidebars and widget areas.

By the end of this book, you will be able to create WordPress plugins to perform any task you can imagine.

During WordCamp Montreal 2017, Yannick gave a presentation on WordPress plugin development. This presentation aims to show attendees how simple creating plugins for WordPress from the ground up can be by looking at the architecture of a WordPress plugin, from the basic concepts of registering actions and filters to more advanced concepts such as the creation of admin pages and registering shortcodes.

Yannick’s eBook is Free today only on PacktPub free learning. (Offer valid for 17hours only)


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