If you were looking to read any of the oreilly’s PHP eBooks, this week you can get them with half price ! Simply shop at Oreilly website before Feb. 28, 2013 at 11:59pm PT and use the discount code WKPHP.

The latest book PHP Web Services by Lorna Jane Mitchell is also part of the promotion, so think about getting your copy this week ! What Lorna said about her new book :

The book isn’t huge (or expensive, hint!), but it aims to give solid theory in a practical and approachable way. There’s the topics you’d expect to see, covering HTTP and verbs and headers and status codes, and also around data formats. It also covers RPC services including SOAP, and also has a chapter (predictably the longest one!) about REST. I’ve tried to go beyond simply the “how to do” and into the “how to do in a kick-ass manner” realm, so there are chapters about how to design your API and choose what kind to build, how to handle errors, how to make your API really robust – and of course how to debug when things go wrong!

HaPHy reading !