The second relooking on the list is already here, In the same spirit the Googling Magazine have today a new look, new logo and a new website design. Simple as it could be, the new logo kept also the same Googling effect that reflect what’s the magazine is all about. Just a notice that this blog was known before as “Googling, Blogging and PHP”, and have been renamed to reflect more what we are really doing there but in the same time we’ll keep the focus on PHP related products created to make a better search experience.
Who’s next on the list, I can’t tell you ! But I don’t think it will be difficult to guess. In the future we are trying to make the plateform more solid to support more readers, and we’ll start providing some new topics also like Webservices, SOA, … This will keep our focus more on enterprise solutions related to web application development, in the same time discussing new technologies, solutions, products released in the community.



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