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Gizmox Reveals VWG Sites for XAML Programming

Gizmox the developer of the Visual WebGui web/cloud applications platform adds an alternative way to develop Visual WebGui (VWG) applications using XAML and 'on demand' compilation instead of Form based development...

PHP Toolkit for ADO.NET Data Services, bridge for PHP developers to .NET through REST

Interoperability @ Microsoft have just announced today a new bridge for PHP developers to .NET through REST : PHP Toolkit for ADO.NET Data Services. ADO.NET Data Services have been recently added...

e-doc offers a simple yet powerful document management solution with VWG

"Choosing Visual WebGui reduced largely the time of development and gave us an easy way to create an interface similar to windows. Our developers almost forgot they were developing a web...
Morfik WebOS

Morfik 07, Introduction to Morfik WebOS Architecture (Part Two)

As a continuation of the first post on the Morfik WebOS Architecture, here is the part two and we will cover here the event driven nature of Morfik WebOS applications, and the...
Morfik WebOS

Morfik 07 Officially Available and Introduction to Morfik Architecture (Part One)

Today Morfik announced officially the availability of Morfik 07, the internal version (See press release PDF). You can download Morfik 07 from morfik.com, some new exciting features that we didn't announce previously goes...

Ajax for IBM WebSphere

IBM has released Ajax for IBM WebSphere Platform Early Program. This optionally installable product extension for IBM WebSphere Application Server Version 6.1 and WebSphere Application Server Community Edition offers new...


New website creates market place for developers offering templates and plugins designed to integrate with Soholaunch Website Builder for Business software. Atlanta, GA, September 1, 2006 -- Soholaunch.com, Inc. (www.soholaunch.com), provider of...
Javascript chess engine

First implementation of a JavaScript chess engine

Today Morfik released version 0.4 of the Morfik JavaScript Chess engine. This version uses a chess engine developed with WebOS AppsBuilder using Object Pascal and which is compiled into pure JavaScript and HTML so...

A9.com what a great AJAX experience !

A9 is an Amazon.com company wich use JSP and Javascript to make searching the web completely fun ! Search results enhanced by Google. Results also provided by a9.com and Alexa. Visit A9.com

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