Turtle audio is the latest music creation software of Kyle Stets, slack engineer. A web-based music sequencer inspired by turtle graphics programming that he was working on for over two years using the Web Audio API, paper.js for the visuals and Ohm.js for the rule syntax, in addition to a nodeJs backend to save sketches.

Actually you can only create and share beautiful sequence of audio, such as the beautiful animated gif above (turtle link). The idea is to generate lines that can play music using simple text commands. Some tutorials are available to understand from the basic concepts to the advanced rules, if you are feeling adventurous.

Even if the project is pretty new, but there are already some really cool creation such this onethis, and this.

You can find a lot of samples in this tweet :

What’s interesting in this two dimensional approach is that you can create multiple lines that intersect and share the same notes in the grid, which will create some new affordances. It also gets people to think differently about how to compose music, which is valuable explained Kyle in a tweet.

Turtle audio interface
Turtle audio interface



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