We don’t talk very much about PHPMagazine.net internals projects, which are 10 projects today. I have announced some of them when there is something new or a big announcement to make, otherwise many projects still unknown for the folks.

Getting to know our internal project will certainly give you an idea about what we are doing on PHPMagazine.net and why we are different from other blogs and networks. So today I just wanted to introduce five of these projects, one of them have been announced yesterday :

  • AntiSplog.net : Splogs are spam blogs and the idea of AntiSplog.net is to create an automated tool to check these spam blogs and help to eliminate them and make the web clean. Read more on the Antisplog blog
  • EvaluSense.com : This is another automated tool for bloggers and content writers to evaluate automatically their content. EvaluSense provide an evaluation of the value of the article based on many business information. Version 2 under heavy development and will be very soon launched officially. Read more about EvaluSense
  • PHPMagazine.net Jobs : Our jobs section for professionals, very new projects started in november and will be launched by the beginning of 2007.
  • PHPMagazine.net Mobile : The mobile edition of our magazine, we work regularly on this section which we have developed from scratch to provide a new mobile experience for mobile users.
  • WikiMobs.com : Our latest project, simply a mobile interface to the popular free encyclopedia wikipedia. Read the official announcement of Wikimobs


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