We have been working recently on a new project to provide free content from the biggest encyclopedia project optimized for modern mobile phones. The concept is not focused on content searching at its first stage, but on content optimizations for reading from mobile browsers.

From desktop to mobile, the page size the bandwidth change. Internet mobile is generally paid based on bandwidth consumed, so it’s always interesting to display just the necessary content and allow the user to choose if he want to read more or no.
That’s what we did for WikiMobs, the project’s name, an optimized mobile interface for wikipedia. The idea as I have said is the experiment mobile content organization for mobile phones, and also how to create content for mobile in general. As some have already reported, WikiMobs is not a search engine, and some results might be confusing or incorrect due to non existent pages. But we’ll work on the search aspect in the second phase of the project, as now we want to keep the focus on content.


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