PHP and mobile application development


Today that mobile web application are becoming more and more popular, why we don’t see developers or companies more interested into developing technologies and solutions for mobile ? You can notice that everyday there is a new product, solution, or new thing in PHP, but rarely development made for mobile. Is PHP not aquirate for mobile development or developers not yet ready for mobile business ?

PHP have certainly all the necessary for web application development, but like frameworks and CMS solution have made the development of website more easy, there is no similar solution for mobile to make people develop more applications.
Mobile website are not very difficult to develop, the technology is very easy, but internet mobile is really the future and it would be really great if we see more products developed for mobile. Since PHP is leading the web market, why not leading the mobile market too ?


  1. Is it possible to develop mobile GIS application as routing using mapserver , mapscrip and php.. please teell me as soon as possible. i’m wainting. suggest a free software which enables in developing WAP TECHNOLOGY

  2. I’m a php developer based in Africa, currently focusing on developing a content management system to offer digital content and services to mobile phone users.
    How can I use PHP to implement instant messaging services from the Internet to SMS

  3. hi,
    it’s good to develop mobile applications using php, however there are alot of things to consider. I am a programmer,if i want to use php and mysql, is it possible to send a text message to a mobile phone? help!!
    thanx…rock on!!!

  4. Hi,
    I am also trying to create mobile application using php. but not getting the good resource to begin with. can anybody suggest some sites from where i can get the good idea about creating by my own

  5. Can i use a mobile as a mouse for a laptop having bluetooth enabled functionlity and alsothe mobile will have bluetooth functionality?
    I just want to perform some basic functions of mouse using a mobile like scrolling ,pageup,page down, etc.
    if u can halp me then please reply me on my lmail id.

  6. This is such a stupid article. How is php as a server scripting technology going to be embedded into a mobile phone. Are you gonna run an http server on your phone?

  7. alex you nutcase, ofcourse u will run a bare-minimum version of a http daemon on the mobile. its just a service like many others running on ur mobile.
    search more on PAMP (personal apache mysql php). its a stack running on symbian OS.

  8. Hi,
    I have already used PHP for mobile development. 🙂 Basically, you should have sms gateway to which you php script will send the parameter like SMS TEXT and mobile number and then this gateway will further send the message to you mobile.PHP part is to interact with database, create response and throw WML output.
    For more quick views you can follow the link:
    Hope it will surely interest you.

  9. Hi,
    I am Working in PHP.I need to develop blackberry application, is it possible to do in PHP.Please give me suggestions for this

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  11. Hi,
    I am kannan from india .I PHP developer .First you have integrate the sms gateway,That gateway you have purchase and then easly integrate that one.
    Thanks & Regards
    Kannan G

  12. Ya you can do it just search for the php classes and u be able ………….
    I made it end of the day and implimenting new thing try……….
    Best of Luck ……

  13. Mobiles are coming out that seem to be able to browse the web. Why cant a notmal PHP script on a web server be used on such a mobile?
    What would be useful would be a screen viewer for the programmer to see what his output would look like on a mobile.