Call For papers : Collective intelligence is collecting intelligence

Collective intelligence is an annual interdisciplinary conference that brings together researchers from the academy, businesses, non profits, governments and the world at large to share insights and ideas from a variety...

Fluent Conference 2013, HTML5, JavaScript and Beyond

The O'Reilly Fluent Conference is the key event for web and mobile developers, software engineers, and others to gather and learn from each other - drawing a thousand of the best...

PACKT 2010 Open Source Awards – JavaScript Libraries Finalists

Packt open source awards is a yearly online event by Packt Publishing to distinguish excellence among Open Source projects. 6 categories for this year marked by the entrance of the "JavaScript...

PHP Days 2009, Two-Days French Seminar

On 6-7 July, The French PHP Community is invited to participate in a two days seminar and meet the pillars of the PHP community : PHP Days 2009. In total there...

PHP Barcelona Conference 2009, Call for papers

The Spanish PHP Barcelona Conference 2009 will be held this year on September 25th-26th, so if you are Spanish or English speaker and you want to share scenario with Derick Rethans...

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