Report : PHP Dominates and HTML5 Demand Increasing


DoNanza, the world’s leading work-from-home job search engine, released its quarterly trends statistics report for the second quarter 2010. The report is based on the analysis of millions of work-from-home projects, aggregated from all over the web, indexed by the DoNanza search engine. According to the report demand for HTML5 Developers increased while demand for Flash developers decreased; however it’s noticeable that the number of Flash-related projects is still 11 times higher than HTML5 projects.
Programming Launguages
In mobile market, it’s amazing to see how the competition between Android and Apple become crucial. In the report, and in only three months, iPad overtakes Android in Mobile Development Projects. It’s also interesting to notice that the average budget for iPhone-related projects is 30 percent higher than Android projects, which may be the result of only 28 percent of iPhone apps being free, compared to the Android market with 57 percent of its applications being free.
In programming languages demand, PHP dominates the websites development market. The request for .Net developers is decreasing dramatically even though the average budget for .Net projects remains the highest among the other programming languages. This is a result of the lack of developers, unlike PHP where the number of programmers available is much higher.

Location-Based Social Networks Development is hot in the last two years and definitely the demand for this kind of development is on the rise; with an increased growth of 70 percent for Gowalla and more than double for Foursquare with 150 percent growth. The average budget offered for projects related to Foursquare is bigger than the other social networks’ average budget, and might be a result of a lack of geolocation social marketers and developers.
In the browsers arena, DoNanza traced the competition through the demand for extensions. Google Chrome is winning the battle against IE, Firefox and Safari; compared to previous quarters where Firefox were in head. Chrome extensions average budget is also the highest among all other browsers.
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