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This category covers the latest PHP releases, emerging trends, market insights, and interviews with industry experts. Readers can stay up to date with the latest PHP news and developments.

RSS Patents

There are two recently filled US patents by Microsoft claiming they have invented RSS and Web-based RSS readers !! The first one about Finding and consuming web subscriptions in a web...

LaravelConf Taiwan 2019 announcement

The third Laravel conference in Taiwan awaits you at LaravelConf Taiwan 2019 at Taipei, Taiwan. LaravelConf Taiwan 2019 is for anyone who is passionate about building web applications, or anyone who is...

WordPress 5.6 Release Date and Features

Since version five of WordPress the top feature that is getting most attentions is the Gutenberg project. The first phase of the project is the block editor which is already released...

Laracon US 2019 Venue and Dates Announced

Laracon VII is coming to Playstation Theater in Times Square, NYC on July 24th-25th, 2019! Taylor Otwell made the announcement today with a sweet laracon.us website by Jack McDade: No details on speakers or ticket prices are...

PHP in MENA market

In a effort to help promoting PHP in the Middle-East, North Africa and Arab countries in general, I'm happy to announce the arabic edition of PHP Magazine Network phpmagazinearabic.net. The new website...

eLabFTW, free and open source electronic lab notebook

eLabFTW is an electronic lab notebook manager for research teams. It lets you store and organize your research experiments easily. It also features a database where any kind of objects (such...

Brackets, The modern Open Source Editor for Web Designers

It is not really common to find an editor for web designers, it's not only an editor but an Open Source editor backed by a well-known brand for web designers specifically....

Syndicate news of PHP Magazine Network

Since the launch of phpmagazine.net we had many technical issues and improvement concerning the website and many readers have noticed that since we moved to the current publishing system we stopped...
google wave protocol

Google released Wave Protocol Code

While I'm still waiting for my Wave invitation, Google released today code for the wave protocol with installation instructions to create your own wave servers, and how to generate a Self-Signed...

PHP 7.1.0 Released

After five release candidates, three betas and three alphas, the PHP 7.1.0 is finally released ! New features included in this release : Nullable Types Square bracket syntax for array destructuring assignment ...

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