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This category covers the latest PHP releases, emerging trends, market insights, and interviews with industry experts. Readers can stay up to date with the latest PHP news and developments.

PHP 7.1.24, 7.2.12, and 7.3.0RC5 Released

The PHP team have announced the immediate availability of the trio 7.1.24, 7.2.12 and 7.3.0RC5. Three bugfixes releases that all PHP7.1 and 7.2 users  are encouraged to upgrade to. While the...
CWChat with Manuel Lemos

#CWChat session invites Manuel Lemos, on Building your own business as software developer

Cloudways #CWChat will have an exclusive chat session with my friend Manuel Lemos Founder and Developer at phpclasses.org and the topic will be about building your own business as software developer....

Free SymfonyInsight webinar on Quality Assurance by SensioLabs

Ensuring the quality of a software project over time is a difficult and high-stakes challenge, whether you are a company or not. Preventing bugs and problems is a regular concern in...

Happy Birthday PHPMagazine.net

I am thrilled to announce that PHPMagazine.net is turning 12 years old today! I would like to thank everyone who sent us messages yesterday. Thanks to all our readers and followers....

Web 2.0 is a trademark, let’s use Web 2.1 ? – Updated

Again a problem of copyright and trademark, but this time it's just about a name which is making the buzz this year and called "Web 2.0". Yesterday IT@Cork, a not-for-profit networking...

Content for Mobile

We have been working recently on a new project to provide free content from the biggest encyclopedia project optimized for modern mobile phones. The concept is not focused on content searching...

PHP and mobile application development

Today that mobile web application are becoming more and more popular, why we don't see developers or companies more interested into developing technologies and solutions for mobile ? You can notice...


Welcome to PHP Magazine Network ! I think that there is more than a topic to talk about in my blog, that need to be in a separate website : SEO, Googling,...

Week of Design !!

Maybe many have noticed that we are more and more focusing on design this week, and it wasn't planned, it just came by itself. I feel that this week is the...

PHP 7.1.0 Released

After five release candidates, three betas and three alphas, the PHP 7.1.0 is finally released ! New features included in this release : Nullable Types Square bracket syntax for array destructuring assignment ...

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