Pomm, The Postgresql object model manager for PHP

Pomm is an open source database access framework in PHP dedicated to the Postgresqlâ„¢ database. It offers an alternative approach than ORM to using database in web applications developments. Imagine an ORM...

HTML_AJAX 0.3.4 released and interview with Joshua Eichorn

I have contacted Joshua Eichorn author of HTML_AJAX for an interview in the AJAX Magazine. The interview was more focused on AJAX and Josh experience with HTML_AJAX but I tryed to...

SecurityFocus Interview PHP Security Expert Stefan Esser

SecurityFocus posted an interview with Stefan Esser, the founder of both the Hardened-PHP Project and the PHP Security Response Team (which he recently left). In the interview Federico Biancuzzi discussed with...

How Google Job Interviews Looks like

Peter Abilla, described his experience to join Google and the interview process and how it happen. This is interesting if you are thinking about joining Google one day to know how...
CWChat with Manuel Lemos

#CWChat session invites Manuel Lemos, on Building your own business as software developer

Cloudways #CWChat will have an exclusive chat session with my friend Manuel Lemos Founder and Developer at phpclasses.org and the topic will be about building your own business as software developer....

Tomorrow, Ask PHPStorm Team Anything

PHPStorm team have just announced their first ever Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. The session will start at 12 pm UTC, on October 8, and will continue until 5 pm UTC....

This year’s interview : Nikita Popov and Nikolas Grekas on Symfony PHP 8 Compatibility

It's really great to hear from PHP Core developer Nikita Popov, interviewing Symfony principal engineer Nikolas Grekas. In this interview they discussed problems the Symfony team encountered while making the framework...

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