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MoonJs, fast, tiny, and intuitive JavaScript Library

Ten years ago, I was one of the judges in an Open Source award competition, In the JavaScript competition I remember jQuery won the JavaScript category. If today we ran again...

CSSMatic, Most Complete CSS tools for Web Designers

CSSMatic is a new online service providing a set of CSS tools for web designers. Alejandro Sánchez co-founder of CSS Matic said about it : "CSSmatic is a new, simple and intuitive way...

SVG.JS Lightweight library for manipulating and animating SVG.

SVG.JS is a lightweight JavaScript library for manipulating and animating SVG. SVG.js size is only 5k gzipped, it came with an easy readable uncluttered syntax. Animating elements is very much the...

YUI 3.9.0pr3 Released

In the latest YUI preview release 3, many changes and improvements have been added such as the integration of Y.Tree in the framework, Normalize.css that replaced CSSBase, which is great for...

Adobe HTML5 Edge Reflow For Responsive Web Designers

Adobe released a new HTML5 tool for webdesigners in preview release : HTML5 Edge Reflow, available with a free Creative Cloud membership. The new tool allow designers to create responsive layouts...

eBook : What you need to know about Angular 2

As part of the FREE eBook every day by Packt, you can explore today an eBook written by Olivier Manickum titled "What you need to know about Angular 2". Hurry offer...

Js-Sequence-Diagrams, Turns text into UML sequence diagrams

Js-Sequence-Diagrams is a new javascript library to turn text into vector UML sequence diagrams. The library uses Jison to parse the text, and Raphaël to draw the image. The result is...

Twitter Open Sourced their jQuery Autocomplete plugin Typeahead.js

On the twitter engineering blog, Twitter opensource typeahead.js, a fast and battle-tested jQuery plugin for auto completion. The plugin source code is available now on GitHub under the MIT license. By sharing...

New Release of Quick Tables, a Handy Database Editor from DHTMLX

DHTMLX announced the update of its Quick Tables, an easy-to-use PHP solution for editing tabular data stored in the database. Quick Tables offer a simple tool for non-programmers to view and...

turbo.js : Massive Parallel Computations in your Browser with GPGPU

turbo.js is a small library that makes it easier to perform complex calculations that can be done in parallel. The actual calculation performed (the kernel executed) uses the GPU for execution....

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