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Sky Component for React

Sky is a pretty cool React component for interactive backgrounds, written by Luca Gesmundo and released under an MIT License. Check the demo online. You can install it using : npm install --save react-sky Then usage...

Vue.js 2 and Bootstrap 4 Web Development

If you are looking to learn building single page  applications using the latest technologies, here is an interesting book that you should have written by Olga Filipova : Vue.js 2 and...

React v16.6.0 Released with lazy, memo and contextType

React released version 16.6 with a few new convenient features. A form of PureComponent/shouldComponentUpdate for function components, a way to do code splitting using Suspense and an easier way to consume Context...

Ketting, a hypermedia client for Javascript

Ketting library is meant to be a generic HATEOAS library for Javascript using a simple, modern API. Currently it only supports the HAL and HTML formats, it supports an opinionated set of modern...

Introducing the Fistlab PHP Components

Fistlab is a new initiative to create a set of components in various programming languages, which however works almost the same way. This way it will be easier for developers to go...

turbo.js : Massive Parallel Computations in your Browser with GPGPU

turbo.js is a small library that makes it easier to perform complex calculations that can be done in parallel. The actual calculation performed (the kernel executed) uses the GPU for execution....

eBook : What you need to know about Angular 2

As part of the FREE eBook every day by Packt, you can explore today an eBook written by Olivier Manickum titled "What you need to know about Angular 2". Hurry offer...

Brackets, The modern Open Source Editor for Web Designers

It is not really common to find an editor for web designers, it's not only an editor but an Open Source editor backed by a well-known brand for web designers specifically....

Bounce.js Create Beautiful CSS3 Powered Animations

Creating a CSS3 Animation is very tricky, but it is really simple using a tool like BounceJS. It provides ten components : Spin, Jelly, Back & forth, Clock, Splat,  Road Runner,...

MathJax, Beautiful math in all browsers

MathJax is a JavaScript library that allow to render all your mathematics right from a simple web browser ! MathJax is very easy to use, you have only to include the...

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