Array unpacking with string keys PHP RFC Accepted

This is the fourth RFC accepted for PHP 8.1, related to array unpacking with string keys. Previously if you unpacked an array with ...$array a fatal error would occur when one of the...

PHP RFC: Short Functions

Short lambdas / arrow functions offer a convenient, compact way to write simple closures as a single expression. This RFC offers the same convenience for named functions and methods that are simple return...

PHP RFC Accepted: Shorter Attribute Syntax Change

Benjamin Eberlei announced today the last vote for PHP 8 is now closed, a bit later than the official feature freeze because of an exception made by the RMs. The syntax...

PHP RFC Accepted : Implement new DOM Living Standard APIs in ext/dom

Working with XML (HTML) documents is a necessary task for many web applications and the dom extension implements a standardized API that was previously specified by a w3 group into 3...

Numeric Literal Separator is Officially Coming to PHP 7.4

The numeric literal separator will be finally added to PHP 7.4, after that RFC vote finished on 13th June with 33 Yes against 11 No. The new RFC succeeded to make...

Preloading RFC Merged in PHP 7.4

The Include of preloading ability into PHP-7.4 have been unanimously approved by the PHP team. This proposal; inspired by the "Class Data Sharing" technology designed for Java HotSpot VM; aims to...

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