API-Platform 2.6.4 have just been released with multiple bugfixes.  API-Platform is a PHP library to helps you build a fully-featured hypermedia or GraphQL API in minutes, and it can be easily integrated with the Symfony framework using the bundle distributed with the library. Notice that API-Platform support PHP8, while the next Version 3 will be supporting PHP8 only, so it will be basically the 2.7 minus the backward compatibility layer.

Changes in this release include several bugfixes in the OpenAPI, Swagger, Serializer, GraphQL, Doctrine, in addition to psr/cache compatibility with version 2 and 3. JSON schema and Metadata also have been updated to respectively allow generation of documentation properly when property and method start from is, and check the output class when calculating serializer groups.

API-Platform 2.6.4

Changes in API-Platform 2.6.4

  • OpenAPI: Using an implicit flow is now valid, changes oauth configuration default values (#4115)
  • OpenAPI: Fix response support via the openapi_context (#4116)
  • OpenAPI: Fix Link->requestBody default value (#4116)
  • OpenAPI: Make sure we do not override defined parameters (#4138)
  • Swagger UI: Remove Google fonts (#4112)
  • Serializer: Fix denormalization of basic property-types in XML and CSV (#4145)
  • Serializer: Fix denormalization of collection with one element in XML (#4154)
  • JSON Schema: Manage Sequentially and AtLeastOneOf constraints when generating property metadata (#4139 and #4147)
  • JSON Schema: properties regex pattern is now correctly anchored (#4176)
  • JSON Schema: Fix PropertySchemaLengthRestriction string-only (#4177)
  • Doctrine: Fix purging HTTP cache for unreadable relations (#3441)
  • Doctrine: Revert #3774 support for binary UUID in search filter (#4134)
  • Doctrine: Fix order filter when using embedded and nulls comparison (#4151)
  • Doctrine: Fix duplicated eager loading joins (#3525)
  • Doctrine: Fix joinRelations with multiple associations. (#2791)
  • Doctrine: Revert using defaults.order as collection.order (#4178)
  • GraphQL: Partial pagination support (#3223)
  • GraphQL: Manage pagination_use_output_walkers and pagination_fetch_join_collection for operations (#3311)
  • GraphQL: Make sure the order of order filters is preserved if nested resources are used (#4171)
  • Metadata: Sort mapping resources (#3256)
  • UUID: manage Ulid in format property schema restriction (#4148)
  • Symfony: Do not override Vary headers already set in the Response
  • Symfony: Make Twig dependency lazy (#4187)
  • Compatibility with psr/cache version 2 and 3 (#4117)
  • Docs: Upgrade Swagger UI to version 3.46.0
  • Docs: Upgrade ReDoc to version 2.0.0-rc.51
  • Docs: Upgrade GraphiQL to version 1.4.1

API Platform is an open source software released under an MIT license. More information at https://api-platform.com/


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