xdebug cloud

Derick Rethans, author of Xdebug, have just announced the availability of Xdebug cloud, a new service that run in the cloud that allows for Xdebug debugging sessions to be proxied through an online service bypassing networking complications.

With the new cloud service both your IDE and Xdebug make a connection to a hosted service. By having this proxy service, Xdebug no longer needs to connect directly to your IDE. This bypasses complex networking set-ups, related to Vagrant, Docker, NAT networks, and more.

Why Xdebug Cloud

In the video below Derick explains how the Xdebug works :

The service is currently in beta mode. You can sign up for the service with a 7 days free trial with unlimited debug sessions and email support. Pricing start from £149 per 3 months with 3 users included.

More information about Xdebug cloud at https://xdebug.cloud/


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