Nginx have just announced service Mesh (NSM), a complete lightweight traffic management and security tool that focus mainly on layer 3/4 in Kubernetes environments. NSM will help you get complete control on data exchange between your microservices. NSM is available today for free download and you are invited try it out in your development and test environments.

Adopting microservices methodologies comes with challenges as deployments scale and become more complex. Communication between the services is intricate, debugging problems can be harder, and more services imply more resources to manage.

NSM addresses these challenges by enabling you to centrally provision:

  • Security – Security is more critical now than ever. Data breaches can cost organizations millions of dollars every year in lost revenue and reputation. NSM ensures all communication is mTLS‑encrypted so that there is no sensitive data on the wire for hackers to steal. Access controls enable you to define policies about which services can talk to each other.
  • Traffic management – When deploying a new version of an application, you might want to limit the amount of traffic it receives at first, in case there is a bug. With NSM intelligent container traffic management you can specify policies that limit traffic to new services and slowly increase it over time. Features like rate limiting and circuit breakers give you full control over the traffic flowing through your services.
  • Visualization – Managing thousands of services can be a debugging and visibility nightmare. NSM helps to reign that in with a built‑in Grafana dashboard displaying the full suite of metrics available in NGINX Plus. In addition, the Open Tracing integration enables fine‑grained transaction tracing.
  • Hybrid deployments – If your enterprise is like most, your entire infrastructure doesn’t run in Kubernetes. NSM ensures legacy applications are not left out. With the NGINX Kubernetes Ingress Controller integration, legacy services can communicate with mesh services and vice versa.

In the next video John Wagnon introduce Nginx Service Mesh :

More information about Nginx Service Mesh :


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