DevOps Summit Amsterdam 2020

DevOps Summit Amsterdam 2020

From Monday to Friday 12 to 16th October 2020 will be held the DevOps Summit Amsterdam entirely online ! Get ready for leading your Digital Transformation in a rapidly changing environment. The knowledge platform for IT Management, Executives and DevOps practitioners. A holistic approach based on DevOps, SRE, Agile Architecture and Technology. A full week of knowledge sharing and networking in different formats. Free of charge !

In the speakers list you will find :

  • Lena Reinhard, VP Product Engineering at CircleCI
  • Thomas Buiks, Product Manager Cloud, Nationale Nederlanden
  • Pascal Reijnders, Head of IT, NS International
  • Marijn Wijsman, Enterprise Solution Architect, Lely
  • Winfried Scheulderman, Solution Architect, Xebia
  • and Dave Stanke, DevOps Advocate, Google

The schedule below will be in CEST time :

LeadershipTechnologyExecutive WednesdayModern IT ArchitectureReliability & Resilience
Date / TimeMon, Oct 12Tue, Oct 13Wed, Oct 14Thu, Oct 15Fri, Oct 16
09:00 – 10.00Leading Through Change and Rapid GrowthLena Reinhard, VP, Product Engineering CircleCISelf-Service Cloud Platforms to Accelerate Digital Transformation at a Global ScaleThomas Buiks, Product Manager Cloud, Nationale NederlandenWhen the emergency break hits your businessPascal Reijnders, NS InternationalModern IT Architecture at Lely Dairy RobotsMarijn Wijsman, Enterprise Solution Architect, Lely, and Winfried Scheulderman, Solutions Architect, Xebia
12:30 – 13.30AskMeAnything about LeadershipAskMeAnything about (Platform) TechnologyAskMeAnything about Modern IT ArchitectureAskMeAnything about SRE
14:30 – 15.30You and Me and SRE: Customer-centric operations with Site Reliability EngineeringDave Stanke, Google

So don’t miss this great DevOps gathering and register here