Bootstrap v4.3 have just been released with over 120 combined closed issues and merged pull requests. This release brings improvements to some utilities, some preparation work for moving on to v5’s development, and the standard bug fixes and documentation updates.

Bootstrap development discussions have been recently around embracing Hugo for ultra fast docs development, removing jQuery in favor of regular JavaScript, in addition to addressing the project’s growing code base.

Responsive font sizes

One of the most interesting and big features in this release, is the introduction of responsive font sizes. RFS  (abbreviation for Responsive Font Size) is a font size engine which automatically calculates the appropriate font size based on the dimensions of the browser viewport.

This feature is disabled by default, it have been enabled  in the custom CSS that powers our docs starting with v4.3. You can find out more about the project at their github RFS page.

The road to bootstrap 5

This release is also a preparation for the next generation of bootstrap, and  few key changes will be tackled on how to maintain and develop bootstrap mainly : improving development branches, moving to Hugo from Jekyll, and finally dropping jQuery for regular JavaScript.

More changes in this 4.3 release include

  • New: Added .stretched-link utility to make any anchor the size of it’s nearest position: relative parent, perfect for entirely clickable cards!
  • New: Added .text-break utility for applying word-break: break-word
  • New: Added .rounded-sm and .rounded-lg for small and large border-radius.
  • New: Added .modal-dialog-scrollable modifier class for scrolling content within a modal.
  • New: Added responsive .list-group-horizontal modifier classes for displaying list groups as a horizontal row.
  • Improved: Reduced our compiled CSS by using null for variables that by default inherit their values from other elements (e.g., $headings-color was inherit and is now null until you modifier it in your custom CSS).
  • Improved: Badge focus styles now match their background-color like our buttons.
  • Fixed: Silenced bad selectors in our JS plugins for the href HTML attribute to avoid JavaScript errors. Please try to use valid selectors or the data-targetHTML attribute/target option where available.
  • Fixed: Reverted v4.2.1’s change to the breakpoint and grid container Sass maps that blocked folks from upgrading when modifying those default variables.
  • Fixed: Restored white-space: nowrap to .dropdown-toggle (before v4.2.1 it was on all .btns) so carets don’t wrap to new lines.
  • Deprecated: img-retinainvisiblefloat, and size mixins are now deprecated and will be removed in v5.

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