Symfony 4.2.0 have just been released, just few days after the latest release in the 2.8 branch. The new version include over 240 new small and big changes. As for any other Symfony minor release, the backward compatibility promise applies and this means that you should be able to upgrade easily without changing anything in your code.

New components added to this release include VarExporter, a component to serialize values to plain PHP code; and symfony/contracts, a set of abstractions extracted out of the Symfony components. The messenger component will remain marked as experimental in 4.2.

Symfony 4.2.0 release in numbers

What we found interesting in the 53 contributors in this release is that about 25% of these updates come from Nicolas Grekas, CTO Second contributor is not Fabien Potencier (5.5%), but Roland Franssen with 6.3%. This diversity is what makes Symfony framework great !

Symfony 4.2.0 Contributors
Symfony 4.2.0 Contributors

Notice that Symfony 4.2 should be used only if want to test latest features since support will end by July 2019, but if you are looking for a long term support better to stick to 3.4 which support end by November 2020.

Download Symfony 4.2.0


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