Fistlab is a new initiative to create a set of components in various programming languages, which however works almost the same way. This way it will be easier for developers to go around and play with another programming language without having to find a whole new set of components and dig into how it works.

The project started with PHP, and include already three components : Container, Database and Repository, in addition to few others planned. According to Mark Topper, author of the project, it may support PHP and Javascript for its first edition which is planned for August 2017 – and probably other languages later.

Current planned components include :

– Service Container
– Database Manager and Query Builder
– Router system
– Request and Response objects
– Filesystem
– Validator
– View System
– Controller System
– Model System

The initiative is not only new but very original, so it’s worth supporting. If you have any suggestion, or contribution, you can find more details in the contribution guide. Available under an MIT license.


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