The Open Source RIA Framework qooxdoo just shipped two new releases 1.1.1 and 1.2. While the first one is a regular bugfix release, the latter one includes substantial improvements across almost the entire range of the framework.
Some highlights of the 1.2 release:
* The manual is now delivered with the SDK as HTML and also as a PDF document for offline reading (more than 400 pages).
* The new virtual List can handle really large numbers of items. It takes full advantage of qooxdoo’s data binding layer and the infrastructure for creating virtual widgets.
* A Selenium window was added to the cross-browser Inspector app to aid in developing automated GUI tests for qooxdoo applications.
* Many handy features made it into the release to support app developers, e.g. distinct tabs for class or package descriptions in the API viewer, generation of API doc files for dedicated classes by a single command, child control info within the API reference, several
optimizations in the toolchain, more configuration options for the generator, experimental Jython support, real-time logging in the Playground app, and so on.
* More than 200 bugfixes and enhancements over the previous release.
More information including links at :