Larapush, Deploy your Codebase With Artisan


Larapush is a command line utility that will let you deploy your codebase to your web server using a new Laravel Artisan command. Larapush requires PHP 7.2 and Laravel 5.8+, some of its features include :

  • Client <-> Server communications using HTTP. No need to have SSH access!
  • Choose what codebase you want to upload (files, folders).
  • Run pre-scripts and post-scripts that you define (artisan commands, invokable classes, or custom methods).
  • You can choose to upload only modified files, or all all files inside your codebase.
  • Blacklist files so they can never be uploaded to your web server (e.g. .env).
  • Keeps all of your uploaded codebase versions backup on your storage path.
  • Get prompted in case you are uploading to production environments.
  • Works on both UNIX and Windows web servers.

Released under an MIT license. For usage and more information