Mockit, Docker-based Application to Mock API Endpoints


MockIt is an open source tool to quickly create mocked APIs. It gives you an interface to configure and create REAL mocked endpoints for your applications. Whilst you wait for APIS to be built use MockIt to talk to a real service.

MockIt was designed to help developers quickly create endpoints for their applications. No need to create a server, just use docker and run this project locally. You can create, edit and manage routes to your API. Every change to the API will be reflected on the server and updated straight away. The tool comes with a few features out the box:

  • CORS
  • Basic Authentication
  • Chaos Monkey (Unleash a monkey to take down your endpoints)

Mockit require Docker 18.0 or greater, Node 8.10.0 or greater. To get started clone the project then run it :

Once Docker is running you have three applications running on the machine.

  1. The client: http://localhost:5000
  2. The client server: http://localhost:4000
  3. The MockIt API (this is the server that runs your API): http://localhost:3000

If you want to view the dashboard to get started go to http://localhost:5000.

If you want to interact with your new API go to http://localhost:3000.

For example if you have a /user route setup, go to http://localhost:3000/user to view the data.

Released under an MIT license. More information at